Free Digital Marketing Certifications Programs That Are Worth Taking

With globalization and modernization, markets are thriving with opportunities for marketers. They can reach a wide range of customers, find relevant ones, and promote their product and service to them in a few simple clicks. While it is possible to reach out to a large number of people at once, the trouble to find the right customers can be overwhelming at the same time. 

With proper knowledge of using digital marketing tools, any enterprise can easily reach, filter, and promote their products to target customers with comparatively much less expensive than yet occurred for the same purpose. 

Fortunately, learning Digital Marketing to start off  business and marketing isn’t that difficult. Many free yet resourceful digital marketing courses are available online. These courses significantly help entrepreneurs learn the basics of digital marketing and use social media and the internet as a powerful marketing tool for their business and help them avoid paying middlemen for marketing.

Quite a while back, certifications didn’t matter or make a difference. But as time continued, Digital  Marketing certifications have developed and might be a magnificent open door for some.

As nowadays, there’s a spot for Digital marketing certification on resume, particularly in case of simply beginning. Not every time certification lessons offer understanding and worth doing but digital marketing certifications can improve greater knowledge.

Among numbers of options, here are some of the most popular free courses available online with certification

-”Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” by Google

HubSpot Academy Marketing Certification Courses

-Google Skillshop Marketing Certifications

-Alison Digital Marketing Courses

-“Become a Digital Marketing Specialist” by LinkedIn
-MOZ Academy
-WordStream’s PPC University
-SEM Rush’s Keyword Research Course
-Digital Branding and Engagement Course:edX

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing a course on digital marketing offered by Google Digital Garage. Where it also offers free courses on Career Development, Data, and tech, etc.
“Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” consists of 26 modules with video tutorials. There are around 40 hours of video material to get to know. All the modules are created by the trainers and packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples to help people turn knowledge into action. All these modules incorporates a wide range of subjects:
*Business strategy
*Analytics and data insights
*Content marketing
*Display advertising
*Email marketing
*Local marketing
*Social media marketing

After completing all the modules, there will be 40-question for the final assessment to receive a certificate of completion. For those who have zero knowledge about digital marketing, this course is aimed at those beginners.

HubSpot Academy offers an amazingly exciting digital marketing course that as of now has in excess of 3,000 understudies partaking at Udemy. Over 4.5 long hours of guidance in 38 lecturess are remembered for the low, low course cost of totally free. Participants will learn the basics of
*Inbound marketing
*Landing pages
*Conversion optimization
*Lead nurturing
*Email marketing
Just as how they all turn out together for a successful inbound marketing strategy. After the certification assessment, graduates get an identification for their resume or LinkedIn profile to show that they’ve extended their marketing skills with HubSpot Academy.

Google Skillshop is home to a few online courses – including the Google Marketing Platform with a few certifications in various orders. Within the scope of the Google Marketing Platform, learners may receive certification in:

*Campaign management
*Planning, and reporting with the Campaign Manager Certification
*Ad campaigns with the Search Ads 360 Certification
*Workflow troubleshooting
*Campaign setup with Display & Video 360 Certification
*Project management, QA, and design with the Creative Certification.

For each certification exam, Google provides a preparatory course to help get familiar with the essentials.

Alison Digital Marketing Courses comes with one of the richest digital marketing certifications catalogs people can find – at least, as far as free courses go. Among the certification courses that Alison offers:
*Facebook Advertising for Beginners
*Advertising your business online
*Hidden Secrets of Sales & Marketing

The certification courses of Alison are more explicit. With that, they are no doubt the best for digital marketers who need to improve their insight and get authentication in a particular territory.

Become a Digital Marketing Specialist offered by LinkedIn is one of the significant paths to set a career as a digital advertising specialist. A course covered with 8items and a total 17hrs 31mins cover topics such as:
*SEO foundations
*Google Ads essentials
*Content marketing
*Social media marketing
*Email and newsletter marketing
*Marketing on Facebook and Instagram

After getting done with all the modules of “Become a Digital Marketing Specialist”, there will be the certificate of a digital marketer that should allow people to give a powerful start to their career.

MOZ Academy MOZ, an innovator in the realm of digital marketing. The organization as of late made its paid courses free to help those affected by COVID-19. 

The most well known MOZ courses:


*Keyword Research

*SEO Fundamentals

*Site Audit classes.

WordStream’s PPC University Wordstream is a web based advertising organization, and they have approached thousands of accounts . They’ve assisted organizations spend billions of dollars on PPC advertising throughout the long term, and the knowledge that accompanies that is priceless. 

The course will help maximize internet advertising financial plan and get the most value for the money. It gives the establishment how paid search functions and how to oversee AdWords accounts.

There are three modules:

*PPC 101

*PPC 102

*Advanced PPC

Learners can jump in at whatever level they feel comfortable.

SEM Rush’s Keyword Research Course A quick success for content advertisers and writers that are simply beginning. This free digital marketing course takes about an hour to finish. 

Keyword research is one of the main steps in SEO. Without it, even as well as can be expected go unnoticed via search engines. For those who are new to SEO, this course is certainly a decent utilization of 60 minutes.

Digital Branding and Engagement Course:edX edX is a huge open online course supplier. A significant number of the online courses are free, with the alternative to add a paid authentication toward the end. The course is exceptionally exciting and applicable to this modern world. 

In the course learners will find out about: 

*The connection among paid, owned and earned media 

*Consumer change and how it is adjusting brand communication 

*Content advertising and how owned substance can be distributed across organization claimed advanced media resources 

*The estimation of Earned Media which interests the audience

All these courses are free and worth taking. By the completion of each course, learners will not only understand the value of taking these courses but also add value to their own platform and learning spectrum.

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